Quickly on the last few days...


  • All kinds of people are telling their friends they can’t believe anyone actually missed the greatest finish in the history of sports in Monday night’s Fiesta Bowl. And here I am shocked anyone passed up K-Fed on Raw, Leno and Fresh Prince re-runs to watch a team from Idaho play live.

    Obviously, it was a great game and you have to tip your hat to the Broncos for going undefeated. But to make Boise State the prime reason for a playoff in college football is simply wrong. A playoff would only benefit the major conference teams that slip up during the season. You’d never see a one loss team from the WAC get consideration.

  • You really can’t slam Michigan for getting completely pissed on by USC in the Rose Bowl because, I mean, they were supposed to be playing for National Championship, right?

  • Harsh reality: Darrent Williams’ shooting death was a terrible, tragic occurrence. But if this happened to an NBA player, the talk wouldn’t be about the dangers surrounding professional athletes in today’s world. It’d be about the dangerous people basketball players associate with.

  • When Bill Simmons does his mail bag columns, it’s almost a sure shot that there will be at least one “what’s the real life equivalent to ______?” So what I want to know is: What’s the real life equivalent to Notre Dame’s nine consecutive post season losses? I imagine its something along the lines of getting cock-blocked by your roommate nine nights in a row.


Anonymous 11:25 PM, January 06, 2007  

boise state wasnt a one loss wac team, they had no losses

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