Rickey Henderson could learn a thing or two from Romario


One of the greatest soccer players of all time scored and then celebrated what he is calling his 1000th goal on Sunday.

And if we’re counting pickup games, little league and straight up phantom goals, then Romario deserves to be embraced.

The former World Cup winner, who has called himself the "chosen one,” scored on a penalty kick in the 48th minute of his squad’s 3-1 victory in the Brazilian League. Following the goal, a 16 minute celebration ensued culminating with a lap of honor from the 41 year old.

The people who actually keep these records believe that Romario has scored 929 goals, but he likes to throw his amateur days into the equation as well, which his fans seem to think is okay.

If this can be accepted in soccer, let me be the first to call upon Rickey Henderson to re-open baseball’s record books and make some much needed revisions, particularly in the runs scored department, where he is in danger of being passed by Barry Bonds.

Little does Barry know however, Henderson would now like to count all the runs he scored while playing wiffle ball as a youngster.

Don’t forget about those ghost runners Rickey.


jake the snake 2:33 AM, May 21, 2007  

LOL good post.

if you updated more, you would have an awesome blog.

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