Random Rumblings: Weekend Style


  • It’s not so much that you can take Tiger Woods over the field in every tournament he plays in and pretty much break even that makes the greatest golfer ever seem so much more impressive than any current athlete in any sport.

    It’s the way he handles it.

    Even when he complains that a course is far too easy, like he did this weekend, it doesn’t sound as ridiculous as when someone like Chad Johnson mocks an opposing team’s cornerback all week.

    Tiger’s arrogance almost seems classy.

    And the truth is, it wasn’t just the course that was too simple for the inaugural FedEx Cup champion. It’s the entire sport.

  • Speaking of Ocho Cinco, there’s something he does better than almost anyone.

    You’ve heard of playing down to the level of competition, right? Well he seems to always play above it. There’s no player, certainly no receiver, that I’d rather have in a mismatch situation.

    When he is up against someone he should consistently beat, he does.

  • It seems only appropriate that O.J. Simpson’s next book tackle the heist genre.

    How I Wouldn’t Get Caught the Second Time, should be the title.

  • The New England Patriots look like a guarantee to put up college-type scores every week. Meanwhile, the New York Giants look like Notre Dame.

    And that’s not a good thing.

    If Tom Coughlin isn’t fired by week three, I’d be shocked.

  • Credit UConn football for being 3-0 for the first time since joining Division 1-A, but know this: Barely escaping Temple means they still have a lot of work to do.

  • Anyone who took the “expert’s” fantasy advice last week and started the Cincinnati defense must feel pretty silly.

  • It’s a good thing somebody was able to knock off Louisville. The last thing I wanted to see was USC put 700 yards of offense in the National Championship game.

  • What makes more news Monday morning: The Yankees taking two of three in Fenway or Joba giving up an earned run?

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firerobin 12:57 PM, September 19, 2007  

The Giants look awful. No doubt time for a coaching change in the Big Apple.

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