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  • What Portland has now is the ultimate case of “wait ‘til next year” syndrome.

    And that’s not such a bad thing.

    The shocking announcement that Greg Oden will miss the season almost assures the Trailblazers of a last place finish, especially considering they dealt one of the game’s top big men to make room for the Ohio State star on draft day. What that pretty much guarantees is a fourth straight year with a top six pick, and the opportunity to choose from a number of ultra-talented point guards to fill their most-needed hole.

    Between Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon and Darren Collison, The Blazers should have no problem finding the right man to compliment Oden when he returns for the 2008/09 season.

    Personally, I’d cope with a 20 win season if I knew it meant a dynasty was just around the corner.

  • Something tells me Eric Mangini and Bill Belichick won’t be hugging it out this time.

    But Mangini, who absolutely played a role in exposing the antics of the team he coached with two years ago, isn’t so innocent either.

    Unless of course, this was the very first time the Patriots were stealing signs.

  • Belichick got off much easier than he should have. How Roger Goodell, who loves flexing his commissioner muscles didn’t hand out a suspension is beyond me.

  • It took a New York Daily News investigation crushing the feel good story of the year for Major League Baseball to suggest they might test for Human Growth Hormone in 2008.

    And it’s going to take an act of god, or congress, for the Player’s Association to comply.

  • You have to wonder what Oliver Perez and John Maine are thinking about Pedro Martinez’ return to the Mets rotation.

    Because that 84 mph fastball is knocking one of the two out of the playoff rotation.

  • Despite similar early success, Ty Willingham was never offered the ten year contract Charlie Weis got from Notre Dame last year.

    He never started a season 0-3, like the Fighting Irish will if they lose to Michigan, either.


Leon 10:46 AM, September 14, 2007  

My favorite part of your blog. Thanks for bringin it back.

rob 10:59 AM, September 14, 2007  

There's no guarentee that Mayo or any of those guards will be studs.

It's a little early to suggest a dynasty.

Buzz B Berkeley 8:20 PM, September 16, 2007  

Trail Blazer fans should read your post... Right now, the shock is too new... or is it too old? At least, it's Deja Vu... In a long off time before ours... the TBs had the first round draft pick, and two hot players from which to choose: Sam Bowie, and Michael Jordan. TBs needed a big man, so they chose SB. The TB fans can sure remember that Sam went down, bones went snap, and MJ went on to Stardom. hmmmmmm So now, Greg Oden goes down, and Kevin Durant (whom they chose to NOT choose)... goes on????? ...sigh...

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