UConn not on WVU's level


NOTE - I’ve been in Vegas since Thursday, so I’ll try to write about more from the weekend this week, but I needed to vent about UConn football.

Connecticut may have been playing for the Big East title on Saturday but that doesn’t mean it was in West Virginia’s league.

The Mountaineers scored 42 points in the second half as they completely annihilated the Huskies, who looked silly on the same field as a team that was vastly superior. 66-21. An absolute laugher that in all likelihood sent the home team to the BCS Title game and UConn to Charlotte for the Meineke Car Care bowl.

What we learned was this: West Virginia is a National Championship caliber program and Huskies can beat the teams they’re supposed to beat, but when it comes time to play for real stakes, they’ve got little bark and absolutely no bite.

That little bark was reduced to Randy Edsall singing the praises of the team that just whipped his butt. Talking about how the Big East title always goes through the Mountaineers and how great Pat White is.

Thanks coach, but we already knew about West Virginia. We wanted to see what you’re guys had in the biggest game in the history of the program.

I guess that pitiful performance explained everything.


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