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Eli Manning deserves some credit for leading the New York Giants to a come from behind win on the road yesterday.

But then again, he was pretty much the sole reason the team was down nine points with six minutes to play. Two of his three turnovers resulted in ten Chicago points, including an interception the game’s fourth play, which led to a touchdown. He was also picked off in the end zone.

It was a classic Eli Manning performance, one that has become all too typical during his professional career. Sometimes he’s on and sometimes he’s off. It’s not game to game so much as drive to drive, and that’s why you have to wonder, how can he ever put a full season together when he rarely puts four quarter together?

  • Almost a third of the Jets’ total points this season have come against Miami. Sorry Dan Le Batard, but the Dolphins are historically awful.

  • Les Miles won’t be going to Michigan after all, and to make matters worse, his “damn strong football team” is going to do something that Lloyd Carr rarely did: Beat Ohio State.

  • By the way, the most bizarre season in the history of college football will result in one of the least memorable bowl seasons ever. Not one of the BCS games strikes me as even remotely exciting.

  • It’s strange to see the Yankees and Red Sox so unwilling to part with their prospects. Especially considering this is Johan Santana, arguably the game’s best pitcher, they’re battling for.

  • The UConn men simply aren’t that exciting. But watch out for the women’s team, who is in the beginning stages of another historical run. Maya Moore is that good.


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