Calhoun can right a wrong with Dyson/Wiggins decision


Jerome Dyson and Doug Wiggins might not be accused of anything as serious as stealing notebook computers, but you can bet that laptop-gate will play a role in deciding the ultimate fate of the pair. That is, if it hasn’t already.

Dyson and Wiggins were suspended before the Huskies upset No. 8 Indiana in Bloomington Saturday and will miss at least tonight’s game with Louisville. Head coach Jim Calhoun has not revealed much information regarding the situation, only saying that it has nothing to do with grades and that there were no arrests. The gossip around campus ranges from the two sophomores playing unsanctioned pickup games to a drug related violation.

For Calhoun, this is the perfect chance to put integrity ahead of winning, something he didn’t do during the 2005/06 season when he suspended his future first round pick point guard for just eight games after he was charged with trying to sell stolen laptops.

That situation put a blemish on the program’s clean record.

This one gives him the chance restore it.

By suspending two key players for two of the team’s biggest games of the season, he appears to be sending the right message. But we will eventually find out what really happened, and if the more serious rumors are true, Calhoun will have a season-effecting decision to make.

Let’s hope he choose integrity.

UPDATE: From the Connecticut Post

"The indefinite suspension of UConn sophomore guards Jerome Dyson and Doug Wiggins stems from an incident in Storrs Thursday night in which both were cited for possession of alcohol by a minor by the campus police."

The article goes on to say that the university might be waiting for drug test results before making a final decision.


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