Nets will struggle to get decent return for Kidd


The New Jersey Nets have quite the pickle on their hands. The team could move Jason Kidd before trade deadline to a contender out west or they could wait until after the season and try to get a lottery pick for their embattled point guard.

Either way, It seems impossible that the team would get even close to face value for the nine-time all star.

Kidd confirmed what almost everyone has suspected since he sat out with a “migrane” against the Knicks two months ago, telling the media, "Sometimes, when you ride a wave, you get to the end and that's all there is. That's where we are."

And getting back on their board is going to be difficult for the Nets, losers of nine straight.

Both Dallas and Denver have shown interest in Kidd, but neither team has much to offer in return. The Mavericks could probably get him if they were willing to part with Josh Howard, but no one thinks they are willing to. The Nuggets could send J.R. Smith, who is from Jersey, along with draft picks, but they would also need to match up contracts, and I doubt the Nets are interested in Nene Hilario.

Of course, the other option is to not move Kidd until after the season. Unfortunately, this might be the best guard class in years, and there is no reason for a team in the lottery to take a 34 year old over an Eric Gordon or a Derrick Rose.

Neither option seems to be very attractive, but at some point, Kidd will have to be traded.

And the Nets will just have to hope they can get at least fifty cents for their dollar.


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