UConn unable to capitalize on quality season


It took only a couple of snaps to realize Terrelle Pryor was everything they said he would be – the greatest of all the top high school football players in the country that came together Saturday afternoon for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

He didn’t need to win the game’s MVP or lead his side to victory (although he did both) to make you wonder, what if.

What if NBC lined up three hats in front of this future Heisman contender and one of them happened to have a husky on it? What if Randy Edsall sold little old Storrs to Pryor the way Jim Calhoun did to Ray Allen almost 15 years ago? What if Pryor bought into building a powerful football program in New England and actually committed right there on national television?

Of course, that didn’t happen and probably never will. Connecticut will never have what Michigan, Ohio State, USC or Florida has. But, even after a very successful season, what really makes you worry is this: UConn remains about as invisible to top level recruits as its offense was against Wake Forest last weekend.

So while Pittsburgh is loading up with big time players and West Virginia remains intact and ready to contend for a National Title, the Huskies still can’t even get a look from a High School All American. The truth is that Edsall’s letters aren’t even opened by kids on this level, not even the ones from New England.

That’s why losses in three of its final four games basically destroyed all that Connecticut accomplished in its first nine. All that momentum, those three consecutive wins against Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida, now seems to mean nothing thanks to a late season plunge.

Sustainability is the issue here, and unlike the Scarlet Knights, who had a similar season in 2006, the Huskies were unable to seal the deal on any big time recruits, which gives them little chance to remain a factor in the Big East over the next few years.

What if, indeed.

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