Wild Card Preview (From guys who pay attention far more than I do)


When it comes to football, I am definitely “that guy.” I have no rooting interest in any team (although I tell people that I’ve recently transitioned from Giants fan to Jaguars fan) and I pretty much only know the players that are on my fantasy team. In fact, without fantasy football, I’d probably pay no attention at all to the NFL.

With that said, I’ve linked to different blogs that will all offer much stronger incite than I could have provided about this weekend’s Wild Card games.

Washington @ Seattle
Stupid Sideline Reporters
Hail Redskins
Redskin Report

Outside of New England and San Diego, the Skins are the hottest team in football heading into the playoffs. Although I’ve never heard of their quarterback, he seems to control the game well and he’ll be throwing to a finally healthy Santana Moss. Seattle lost once at home all season, but played one of the weakest schedules in the league. It has been over a month since they played a competitive team, so it will be interesting to see how handle the pressure.

Washington 30-24

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh
NFL Gridiron Grab
The Heckler
Wager on Football
Hell Yes, Guy

Similar to Seattle, the Steelers weren’t very impressive in making the playoffs this season. They were 3-3 in their in their last six, including a loss at home to Jacksonville. The Jags seem to be the sexy pick here and you can’t really argue against them.

Jacksonville 26-21

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay
Bucs Stats
Buc ‘Em
Giants Gab

Jon Gruden has to be one of the three best coaches in the league. In one year, Tampa has gone from awful to hosting a playoff game. It’s strange to see so many people picking against this team, but if Eli Manning can play the way he did against New England, then it will probably happen. Of course, that’s asking a lot out of the most inconsistent quarterback in the league.

Tampa Bay 20-17

Tennessee @ San Diego
Pro Football Talk
Sports Talk Buzz
Chargers Coverage
Titans Locker

The Chargers have put it together after a shaky start and look ready to make a run at the AFC Title. I can’t see how Tennessee even puts up a fight in this one, especially considering Vince Young is questionable.

San Diego 31-10


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