Steroids Won't Go Away


Yankee fans hate Barry Bonds. It will be interesting see how they react toward two of their own in a few weeks.

Apparently, “Game of Shadows,” the new book that will ruin what’s left of Bonds’ reputation also reports on the steroid use of Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi.

According to the book, Sheffield was injected with testosterone and human growth hormone, along with using the “cream” and the “clear” in 2002. He and Bonds trained together for a short time before having a falling out.

I can only imagine the problems they must have had with each other. Two literally and figuratively big headed individuals suffering “roid rages” in each other’s company must be a site to see.

Giambi became affiliated with BALCO because Bonds teased him about the steroids he was using. Bonds wanted him to know that while he was clearly the better ballplayer, he was also a superior cheater.

I can’t wait to see how fans on the east coast treat Sheffield and Giambi. People are quick to criticize Bonds and say all of his records should be taken away, but what should happen to the two Yankees?

As everyone already knows, the last fifteen years are going to be a strange period to handle in terms of baseball history. Call me cynical but I can’t say that anyone who played during this time did not cheat. That goes for the good guys like Jeter, the fat guys like Wells, and the too dumb to tie their own shoes guys like Manny.

The whole era is tainted and unfortunately, the careers of non-cheaters will be tarnished as well.
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