Women’s Tennis is Not Fake


If those return serve moans tend to get you hot, you better start watching tennis by yourself.

In an attempt to bring reality TV into women’s tennis, the WTA announced that it would be adding mid-match interviews, instant replay and… easy boys… enhanced sound to the telecast of upcoming events.

See I always though that sport was the definition of reality television. You know, anything can happen, no scripts, unpredictable endings. All that good stuff. But I was obviously wrong.

Reality TV is about men getting to see a sweaty Maria Sharapova speak in sexy broken English about her shaky backhand. And that extra audio, whew. Guys better turn down the volume or their moms…err wives are going to think that’s softcore porn on the television.

No word yet on whether or not women who watch the men’s game for similar perverted reasons will be blessed with the same improved television features.


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